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This is a technique more diverse and more modern than PP Woven Bags & has been developed to enhance the printing on a woven polypropylene bag. This has been accomplished with reverse printing using BOPP film (Biaxially oriented polypropylene). With the advent of Bopp Film (laminated to already strong bag), the woven bags now have the same high quality graphics with enhanced strength. BOPP Bags have bought an emerging revolution in the field of packaging , these bags increases the value attached to your brand name with its enhanced aesthetics. With excellent clarity, high tensile & impact strength, good dimensional stability and flatness, low electrostatic charge , corona treatment on one or both the sides waterproof and moisture repellant, excellent transparency, lower density, gas and moisture barrier properties and is recyclable. We offer Bopp Bags in different size, GSMs and capacities as desired by the client.